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Didcot power station is yet another power station out of action, but what does this mean for UK security of supply this winter?

The fire last week at Didcot power station has led once again to cries of “the lights are going to go out this winter”. But people who ask whether or not the lights will go out are asking the wrong … Continue reading

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Improved energy efficiency may not mean reduced energy demand

by Dr. Steven Sorrell Improved energy efficiency and reduced energy demand are widely expected to provide the dominant contribution to reduced carbon emissions in the short to medium term – and to do so at little or possibly negative cost. … Continue reading

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Will improved energy efficiency lead to increased energy consumption in the developing world? Quite possibly

A new report from the US Breakthrough Institute (BTI) provides evidence that historical improvements in the energy efficiency of lighting, steel and electricity production have led to greater energy consumption that would have been the case in the absence of … Continue reading

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Response to Paterson’s unremarkable and nonsensical speech

Owen Paterson, the UK’s former Secretary of State for the Environment – and now scourge of environmentalists – made the most extraordinary speech a few days ago on climate change and energy policy[1].  The speech was a rare combination of … Continue reading

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Neoclassical theory promises: a world of sustainable consumption

By Harry Saunders Allow yourself for a moment to picture a time; say 5, 10, 50 generations in the future.  Imagine yourself in a world where everyone is consuming at a level that satisfies them.  People need to work only … Continue reading

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Why We Need to Shift Focus from Energy Supply to Reducing Demand

Mari Martiskainen asks whether it is time to have a real debate about moving our focus from energy supply to realising the benefits of energy efficiency. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported last week that the energy efficiency market was … Continue reading

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Tackling the existing building stock as a real energy policy priority

By Mari Martiskainen and Florian Kern, Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, SPRU Those familiar with the UK’s energy efficiency policy for buildings are aware that back in 2006 the then Labour government announced that all new domestic buildings would … Continue reading

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